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Revon supports doctors and patients working together to manage chronic health conditions.

  • Manage Manage your wellness and give your doctor real-time insight into your health.
  • Connect Connect with your doctor for health information measurement and tracking.
  • Data Access a secure system for sharing health data with your medical team.


The REVON software helps patients manage their chronic disease in collaboration with their doctors and improves patients' access to clinical trials relevant to their condition.

REVON was founded by successful healthcare entrepreneurs and is complemented by best-in-class data scientists, medical specialists, IT professionals and service design experts.

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The REVON software allows patients and doctors to contribute data and supports chronic care at home and during office visits. Patients use smartphones, tablets or computers to share their health data with their doctor.

The patient health information allows the doctor to track the diagnosed chronic health condition over time. The doctor can view all the health data that REVON has collected on a patient outcomes chart. Patients may view their own progress on personalized patient outcomes charts.

Smart Symptom Tracker

The REVON software provides a clinical triage system that tracks and interprets patient entered health data in real-time. The triage system can detect and respond to relevant changes in the patient entered health data. The system personalizes the results for each patient based on their current health measurements and the doctor diagnosed medical conditions and comorbidities.

Gain access to clinical trials

The REVON software allows matching of patients to clinical trial criteria. With patient consent, REVON may share their information with REVON-supported research centers conducting trials suitable for that patient. The research centers can then contact the patient for a formal trial screening.

Welcome to REVON

REVON is currently offering programs for chronic ophthalmology and pulmonology conditions. REVON is evolving to support a growing number of medical specialties.

Benefits for doctors Benefits for patients
  • Doctors give patients the opportunity to be notified when a REVON-supported clinical trial relevant to their disease becomes available
  • Doctors have direct insight into patient reported health outcome measurements, collected in-between visits that are relevant to the patient's chronic condition
  • Doctors can use patient reported health outcome measurements to acquire additional practice information and marketing potential
  • Patients will be notified when a REVON-supported clinical trial relevant to their disease becomes available
  • Patients have direct access and insight into their own health information and can receive patient education materials
  • Patients are monitored with REVON's intelligent clinical triage system that notifies the patient to take action when a patient-entered health measurement indicates a relevant change in the condition

The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM), a non-profit organization, is helping transform healthcare worldwide by measuring and reporting patient outcomes in a standardized way to enable a globally accepted model to gauge the success of treatment plans. ICHOM has recruited global leaders in medicine, research and patient-advocacy to define Standard Sets of outcomes for a variety of acute and chronic medical conditions. REVON is a certified ICHOM Technology Affiliate and implements the ICHOM Standard Sets for its customers. This enables our customers to track outcomes on a globally standardized framework.

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